#why I quit my job

I love watching Jimmy Fallons’s talk show, especially the hashtag segment. He poses a question in the form of a hashtag on Twitter and people comment on it. It’s hilarious. One of my favourite ones is #whyimstillsingle, #don’tjudgeme and #howilostmyjob

My hashtag for today opens up a broad discussion. It treads more on honesty than funny.

Let’s kick off with a confession. At the tender age of twenty two years, I worked as a credit officer for a well known international organization.

I watched some of the people I considered as some of my best clients become as thick as thieves. My life was chaotic, filled with the humdrum of demanding loan payments, issuing warning letters, rigorous follow ups and confiscating assets.

No one is immune to the power of money. It’s how we choose to use that power that makes the difference. 

I watched as people who borrowed hundreds of thousands to a million shillings become paupers the next day. I also watched people who invested wisely multiply their income steadily.

I guess that’s the part people miss out on. Steadily. Success does not happen overnight. It takes years to perfect a talent, a gift, a trade or a craft. 

I’ve seen what money thirsty can look like in flesh and bones and I wouldn’t want it for myself. I know what looks good though.

Honest work.

Eventually, it pays off. 

So did my experience with money change me?

Yes, for the better though. It opened my eyes. Money is important, but what you do with the money is even more important. Money is a tease. Not there when you need it and plastered all over when you don’t. You have to be disciplined and accountable with money.

I basically quit my job because I became my job. A grim faced, foul-mouthed aggressive credit officer. I threw around words like disbursement and arrears when talking to my mother. The numbers on my phone were ninety nine percent clients and one percent friends.

I lost myself. As much as it was good to know I possessed all that passion, aggression and intimidation, it left me devoid of emotion.

“Do your job but don’t become your job. ” That was my first learning experience in my first job. 


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