Talking to the universe

I was on a short drive with my friend today when he spoke up non nonchalantly: “Do you speak to the universe sometimes?”

Apparently, I needed to affirm the universe about my dreams, aspirations and hopes.

For many people, this is the universe for them: an unstoppable force, a treacherous burst of energy.

Sometimes the universe feels like a hulk of a man, and we behold it fearfully. Yes, the universe is powerful, but I’ve come to learn that the more I wish and long for things to happen, my wishing and longing remains just that.

Though you may or may not believe in the power of speaking to the universe, how you relate to the universe does determine on how you take on life.

You can wake up in the morning determined to have a successful day. Setting your attitude for the day is also affirming the universe. Although your day may not turn out as brilliant as you expected, it’s your will and determination that got you through the day.

Affirmations are simply about having a positive mental attitude, which will reflect on your daily activities. It’s a simple proclamation, filled with positive energy.

I believe that you can not give what you don’t have. You can not radiate happiness or kindness if it’s not from within. Do everyday simple and well meaning deeds for yourself.

Put yourself first.


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